Moon in Sagittarius picking up on Saturn and we’ve got serious things to figure out. Is something going to work or not? Do we make a left or a right? Saturn is heavy, but it’s real. Use this energy to recommit or let go.

We’ve been in this Saturn in Sagittarius journey for two and a half years. Faith and truth have been major themes as a result. If we weren’t sure of what we believed in or how we saw the world at the start of 2015, then we sure do now — even if it’s nothing at all. Saturn in Sagittarius has been a long test of faith.

We’re also a few days out from the Capricorn Full Moon, which will activate the energies of Pluto. This is a planet that holds the mirror to us. Be very conscious of what you are thinking, feeling, and experiencing right now. Look for the subtext, the hidden meanings. Take ourself out of the personal battle or struggle and try to see the big picture. Pluto wants you to recognize the darkness within you as well as your proverbial demons so you can transmute them. Pluto is the work of spiritual and soul level alchemy.

More on this tomorrow.

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