After an brash line up of the Sun and Mars in Leo, today’s Libra Moon offers needed tact. Use Libra’s natural diplomacy not only to smooth over ruffled feathers, but find common ground. And, as a socially driven sign, Libra connects us with the needs of others.

This is also a reminder that we’re in the last stretch of our year long Jupiter in Libra journey. Since September 2016, we’ve been looking at broader social, interpersonal issues in our private lives as well as on a societal level. What’s fair? If we have differences, how can we reach consensus? With Venus, the ruler of Libra, still in Gemini, this is a day to connect with others. There’s value in conversation and new ideas.

Jupiter will arrive in Scorpio on October 10, 2017. Wisdom, faith, and new opportunities will come through our willingness to look within, even if it’s uncomfortable.

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Photo by Cayton Heath on Unsplash