We’re not only in the dark of the moon today, but the Sun is at 29 Cancer. The last degree of any sign has a weight to it, a demand for maturity and responsibility. What have we learned about emotional connection as well as caring for ourselves?

The Sun in the last moments of Cancer also means that we’re we’re preparing for Leo Season, a time in the zodiac calendar when the Sun expresses itself to the fullest. Leo is joy, creativity, passion, and personality. Leo is ruled by the Sun, too. We all have the Sun somewhere in our chart and, depending on the sign, we express the light or spark of the divine through that lens.

In the meantime, we’re in the threshold. With Mars in Leo as of yesterday, we’ve got one foot out the door while another is still inside. Look back at the lunar month, one that may have contained a lot of highs and lows between the Cancer New Moon on June 23 and the Capricorn Full Moon on July 9. What loose ends still need tying up?

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Photo by Timothy Meinberg on Unsplash