Is it hot in here? Mars arrives in Leo, the sign of the Sun, and stirs passions as well as a need to create and express ourselves. In fact Mars will be playing a starring role in the astrology of the next couple of months, especially with August’s two eclipses.

Mars inspires, it initiates. Mars is raw, aggressive, and even sexual. So if eclipses strike the hour and show us a gateway for personal change, we’re going to see a lot of movement over the coming weeks with all things Mars. Maybe we’re getting a shot of courage to take our lives in a new direction. Maybe we’re starting something creative. Maybe we’re getting up on stage. (Maybe we’re getting knocked up. Eek!)

Regardless of the pros and cons of the upcoming eclipses, the bigger message behind the astrology of August and beyond is that we need to connect with our passion. Leo is the sign of creative fire, the light within us that needs to manifest into physical. If you keep yourself small or are afraid to reveal your true self, use Mars in Leo to really let loose.

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Photo by Joseph Chan on Unsplash