We’re in the final days of Cancer Season, wrapping up a meditation on how we care for and nurture ourselves. Cancer is the sign of TLC and as we prepare for August’s eclipses, make sure you’re tending to your needs as well as your heart this week.

In addition to the Sun changing signs, Mars is wrapping up its stay in Cancer, switching signs and entering Leo on July 20. Further, we’re closing out the lunar month with a Leo New Moon on July 23. In short, this is the week to tie up loose ends because the winds are shifting and August will bring us into very different territory.

We may be even getting a sneak peak right now, too, as the fated energy of eclipses can manifest 1-2 months before. With the Moon in Taurus today and tomorrow, one of the signs forming a cross to the eclipses, pay attention to what’s coming up for you and how it may tie into August.

PS — I’m back from a week long vacation in British Columbia, Canada. Thank you all for your patience while I was offline!

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Photo by Shane Hauser on Unsplash