What does it mean to be at a crossroads? To know that something has to change, like tearing something apart and recasting it? To be at a crossroads is to see a turn before you. There are options, but you can’t keep going the same direction.

Last week, when I mentioned that August’s eclipses were going to put us at a crossroads, many of you asked what kind? I’m sure many of you have been at that turn before. You know what it feels like to know that it’s time to go in a new direction. Is it good? Is it bad? It just is.

That’s the thing about eclipses. They make the great wheels of our life turn. They close a door and open another. If you’re wondering what this means for you, I recommend taking 10-20 minutes to sit in meditation or go for a quiet walk. What comes to you during this reflection? This searching within for answers?

Just a note, I’m traveling this week and have intermittent internet access. I’ll post when I can. We’ll be back to our regularly scheduled updates on July 17.

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Photo by Ferdinand Stöhr on Unsplash