Mars arrives in Sagittarius for a seven week stay, inspiring us to travel great distances or seek out education and new experiences. In Sagittarius Mars has a desire to know. It’s an obsessive seeker of truth and a collector of opinions, some of which can be a touch self righteous.

Sagittarius is a sign we all got quite familiar with from 2015-2017 when Saturn was a long term visitor. We all got intimate with truth. We all had opinions. So with Mars here, we’re revisiting some of our recent lessons around truth and meaning. Just note that Mars can be a bit aggressive and self aggrandizing here. Be in touch with positive Mars in Sagittarius — its wanderlust, its curiosity and romanticism of other cultures, other points of view.

Speaking of points of view, the Moon arrives in Gemini today, the sign of ideas as well as communication. With Mercury coming up on a a hard square to Uranus, we may learn or say something provocative or shocking over the coming days. The energy of Uranus is designed to awaken us, to shine a light of consciousness where there had previously been none. As you awaken this weekend, what will you do with this new vision?

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Photo by Marina Vitale on Unsplash