Feeling on edge? Not only do we have a full moon tomorrow, a time when emotional energy is heightened, but we’re coming up to a Leo lunar eclipse as well. Something has to give, something has to shift. We have to be brave, bold, and true to ourselves.

Leo is a sign that takes the initiative and spark of Aries, a fellow fire sign, and endows it with creativity and artistry. Leo is also the sign of identity. It is here we express who we are through our talents, passion, and joie de vivre. Leo is style, performance, and a nice hairdo.

There’s a strong push with this lunar eclipse for us to break free from old stories or patterns and dare to be ourselves. We have to own it, insecurities be damned. And maybe that’s just it. Maybe our insecurities have been rattled over the past few days. Maybe we’ve been faced with situations where we made a choice not to hide who we are … or we held back out of fear of rejection.

Keep in mind that we’re in Aquarius Season. We have to find the balance between the self and the collective. We have to honor who we are as part of the fabric of humanity — not separate.

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