The sky’s heating up in advance of tomorrow’s Virgo Full Moon. Energies and emotions are running high. Each month the full moon shines a spotlight on a theme or issue. Tomorrow we have to make a decision about our health, diet, and how we organize our lives.

Virgo demands practicality. What’s not working? Where can we be more organized? What will make us healthier? With Mercury square Mars, we’re motivated to make a change … or maybe we’re getting a push instead. Full moons, after all, push the issue. So, as a result, we may be feeling a need to take a critical look at our daily lives as well as how we take care of our bodies. And with so much Pisces energy in the sky as well, we can’t forget our spiritual health.

Lastly — and I mentioned this yesterday — today’s Leo Moon is activating the solar eclipse degree of 27 Aquarius. (That’s an opposition for those intermediate astrology students.) Be mindful of what’s unfolding for you today and how it ties in with themes or events from the February 15 solar eclipse. Eclipses help weave the tapestry of our lives.

PS — Tomorrow, March 1, is my talk in the astrology of 2018 in Manhattan at 7 pm. Details here as well as below. Only two spaces left. Cost is $20 USD.

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