The relative peace and serenity of the Pisces Moon yields to Aries today. It’s a heated¬†placement, especially with Mars still in connection to Uranus, Jupiter, and Pluto. As a result, tempers may be short or frayed. Get some fresh air instead!

Let’s be fair. We need Aries.¬†We need Mars. The sign and its ruler represent a vital component to the movement and creation of life. But with every sign there is a shadow and Mars is right at home in Aries. If your buttons are getting pressed, how will you channel the Moon and Mars into something positive? Going to the gym? A walk? Art? Music? Social justice? Be conscious of your anger today, not to tamp it down or silence it, but to be aware of its source and what you can learn from it.

In fact, with the psychic energies of the Pisces New Moon still buzzing, check in with your higher guidance for more information about what you are feeling.

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