A Cancer Moon starts off our week, adding to a wave of emotional saturation we’ve been feeling this Pisces Season. As the Moon picks up aspects from Pluto and Uranus, don’t be surprised if buttons get pushed. Plus, we’re coming up on a full moon on March 1.

Speaking of saturated, the Pisces Sun is coming up on its annual line up with Neptune. This is the time every year we open to the universality of life — the sufferings as well as the joys that unite us all as humans. Neptune helps us feel and connect on a deeper level. But, at the same time, we may feeling too much. If you feel overly emotional this week or triggered by events, Neptune as well as Pisces Season invites us get quiet, meditate, and find peace within.

PS — I’m giving a talk in the astrology of 2018 in Manhattan on March 1 at 7 pm. Details here as well as below. Space is limited. Cost is $20 USD.

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