The Moon may be in airy Aquarius, but we’re feeling the rising tide as we prepare for Sunday’s solar eclipse in Pisces at 8 degrees. Touching on Neptune and Mercury, the eclipse will highlight how we connect and communicate with other people on a heart and intuitive level.

Neptune as well as Pisces has a habit of dissolving boundaries between the physical and the non-physical world. As a result our dreams may be more active than usual. We may feel more psychically sensitive. We feel messages or even a presence from beyond the veil. Make sure you take time to get quiet this weekend, to mediate, and explore your inner world. Neptune can also expose toxicity and we may feel a deep urge to clean out — body, mind, and soul — anything that is not feeding us or giving us life.

Also, we can’t forget that Mars, while past its square to Pluto, will make a conjunct to Uranus on Sunday. This will make for restless energy. Don’t rush, don’t make any sudden movements unless you have to. Mars + Uranus can be accident prone. It can also speak to sudden events, something I will touch on more with my report on the new moon.

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