The Gemini Moon picks up some psychedelic vibes courtesy of Mercury conjunct Neptune in Pisces. If Gemini and Mercury, its ruling planet, teach us about communication, then our thoughts, ideas, and words are running through Neptune’s hazy, spiritual vibe. It’s intuition over logic.

As someone who has Mercury conjunct Neptune natally, I can assure you that this pairing fuses the mind with the nonlinear, the subjective, the artistic. Pay attention to your intuition and dreams as we go into the weekend. With so many planets in Pisces right now, plus the energy pointing to watery Jupiter in Scorpio, we’re being saturated with feeling.

Pisces tends to blur boundaries, too. So, while it’s nice to float, dream, and intuit, make sure you keep your feet on the ground. And, not to be a buzzkill, keep and eye on booze and substances, too. (Pisces’s kryptonite.) Saturn’s in Capricorn, after all. We all have to have a healthy relationship with the real world right now.

PS — I’m giving a talk in the astrology of 2018 in Manhattan on March 1 at 7 pm. Details here as well as below. Space is limited. Cost is $20 USD.

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