The Moon’s arrival in Aquarius not only means that we’re wrapping up a lunar month that began January 27, but we’re getting closer to Sunday’s Pisces New Moon solar eclipse. The days around eclipses can feel electric, as if we’re on the threshold. We’re ready for the next step.

Both Aquarius and Pisces are transpersonal signs. They speak to collective themes — community, humanity, compassion, and the emotional threads that connect us all as humans. Not only are we looking to the future today, but we’re assessing what we can’t bring with us on the next journey. The coming Pisces lunar month will encourage all of us to seek healing, be of service, and let go of our emotional baggage.

That said, keep an eye out for doors and new pathways in the coming days. A solar eclipse may close one door, but it always opens another and events right now may feel a bit fated. Use your Pisces intuition to feel your way into the next chapter.

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