Phew. Mars finished its square to Pluto and some of the energetic intensity has subsided. Mars and Pluto can feel like the rumble of a volcano; hopefully you managed to keep your cool. Today’s Capricorn Moon will help you put things back together.

Wherever the Moon is — it spends about 2–3 days in each sign per month — tells us a lot about how the energy of the day will unfold. The sign adds a flavor or a lens to the Moon as well as an emotional and psychic undercurrent. And when the Moon is in Capricorn, our experiences touch on themes of achievement, building for the future, and our place in the world.

Capricorn has been an interesting sign of late. Ever since Pluto moved in back in 2008, our whole notion of Capricorn — government, structure, direction, power — has undergone an tumultuous amount of change. Nothing is as it was a few years ago. But the power of Pluto is its ability to clear space for a new beginning. What do you want to build today? Even if it means tearing everything apart?

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