Welcome to Pisces Season! We’re swimming our way through the last stretch of the astrological year. Pisces is the final sign, two fishes swimming in different directions. In Pisces, we take the totality of our consciousness and return it for the benefit of spirit or matter.

Pisces is also a water sign, an element that speaks to emotions. If Cancer, the first water sign, represents our emotional body, then in Pisces we experience the collective emotional body. That’s why Pisces is known for its sensitivity for others, its compassion as well as a core drive to help and heal. It understands the pain and struggles of humanity, something that can be overwhelming at times.

Even if you’re not a Pisces, this is the time of the year when naturally experience life through this prism. You may feel more sensitive as a result or called upon to see yourself and your experiences in the universality of all mankind. Since Pisces deals with spirituality, mysticism, and a search for existential meaning, we may be more drawn to meditation and reflection. The answers have to come from within.

Additionally, not only are we coming up on a Pisces New Moon solar eclipse on February 26, but we’re ramping up for a series of bumpy astrology aspects in the form of Mars square Pluto, conjunct Uranus. Keep in mind that the energy is running a bit intense right now — even under a quiet, meditative Pisces Sun. With Jupiter also in a tense face off with Uranus and Pluto, this is a month that push us to continue to make big personal strides and evolutionary shifts. Not only does Pisces help you let go, but it helps you heal on a deep, soul level. Keep that in mind if anything comes up for release this week.

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