We’re still rolling along with a Libra Moon today. Pair that with an Aquarius Sun and we’ll be focusing on friends, community, and social interactions. Since Libra and Aquarius are both air signs, there’ll be a strong need to communicate and connect as well.

Speaking of connection, we’re coming up on the last few days of Aquarius Season, a time in the zodiac calendar when we look outward toward humanity. Aquarius teaches us about the social fabric that we knit through our one-on-one connections through Libra. Aquarius is systems, networks. It’s science, technology, and even the future.

With the eclipses moving into Aquarius/Leo into next year, we’re going to be looking at the shadow of Aquarius, the times we felt disconnected from the whole, separate from community, and struggling for social interaction. The north node’s arrival in Leo will be a reminder that we need to find new value in the self and the talents and individuality that we have to share with others.

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