We’ve got a spicy Libra Moon on serve for Valentine’s Day! Normally Libra is anything but. In fact Libra’s known for sweetness and charm. But if you toss in aspects to Mars and Pluto, this could be a V-Day filled with breakthroughs — as well as facing facts.

Libra is the sign that teaches us about ourselves through relationships. How do we know who we unless we have someone to reflect things back to us, to tell us about our blind spots, or give feedback on our temperament. We can’t live life in a vacuum. Libra says go out there and explore. Meet new people. Give those interpersonal skills a workout. Mars and Venus are in Aries, too. Take a risk. Start something new.

No matter how you observe the holiday, either in with an intimate partner or in a funk, it’s important to recognize love in all its forms. And, of course, love starts with the self. To quote RuPaul, my patron saint and fellow Scorpio, “If you don’t love yourself, how in the hell you gonna love somebody else.” Can I get an amen?

Venus will turn retrograde on March 4. Those wonky interpersonal skills? Those old relationship patterns? We’re going to be doing some work on them into April so they can transform for the better.

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