As I mentioned on Friday, we’re in eclipse season, a time roughly twice a year, when life switch gears. The energy around eclipses tend to be intense, filled with insights. Events move quickly and suddenly. Eclipses are like a clock striking a new hour.

Friday’s lunar eclipse fell in the sign of Leo, highlighting new experiences around identity, creativity, art, self expression, and regality. (Can’t help but think of Beyoncé at the Grammys, golden crown radiating from her head.) The eclipse dared us to be ourselves.

Here’s a very quick run down on what the eclipse highlighted for you as well as an area you may see a change in:

Aries and Aries RisingIdentity, ego, creativity, romance, performance, children.

Taurus and Taurus RisingHome, family, roots, foundation, emotional connection, emotional security.

Gemini and Gemini RisingVoice, communication, writing, learning, the mind, information, classes, travel, short trips, neighborhood, siblings.

Cancer and Cancer RisingMoney, income, salary, purchases, assets, value, material stability, material security, basic needs.

Leo and Leo RisingThe self, in the spotlight, individuality, loss/gain, crossroads, vitality, health.

Virgo and Virgo RisingEndings, retreat, letting go, recuperation, dreams, the unconscious, spirituality, mysticism, the hidden self.

Libra and Libra RisingCommunity, groups, social network, friends, the collective, goals, the future.

Scorpio and Scorpio RisingCareer, reputation, public life, status, direction in life, responsibilities, recognition.

Sagittarius and Sagittarius RisingEducation, law, beliefs, philosophy, worldview, religion, law, publishing, media, foreign travel.

Capricorn and Capricorn RisingThe psyche, fears, anxieties, the shadow, trust, intimacy, sexuality, finance, wealth, shared resources, loans, other people’s money.

Aquarius and Aquarius RisingRelationships, one-on-one connections, interpersonal, social skills, other people, partnership, compromise.

Pisces and Pisces RisingHealth, wellness, diet, fitness, nutrition, work, day-to-day life, organization, details, service.

In other news, we’re in the last stretch of Aquarius Season this week. Whereas Leo is about the self, Aquarius is about the collective, the two signs forming a polarity. We have to find where we fit amongst the fabric of humanity while still honoring the gifts and talents that make us individuals. We’re also leaving behind two solar months that put an emphasis on Saturn’s long run through Sagittarius. What do we believe? What do we put our faith in?

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