We’re a day past the Leo Lunar Eclipse, but its potent energies are still very active. Doors are opening and closing over the next day. Plus, one eclipse down and another to go. Between this and a solar eclipse on February 15, we’re in a vortex of change.

Not all eclipses are created equally and not all people see dramatic events during eclipse season. That said, the signs that are generally feeling the greatest change during these eclipses are Leo, Aquarius, Taurus, Scorpio. Note that eclipses tend to coincide with the major events that mark our lives — events such as new relationships, marriages, births, career changes — but they can coincide with sudden rises and falls in status.

Before you get too anxious, here’s what you need to keep in mind. Astrology is the study of time and our relationship to time. It’s not about what signs are better lovers (Taurus and Scorpio, obvs) or which signs prefer different colors and foods. We can certainly have fun with astrology, but at the end of things, we’re looking at time. And eclipses are like marking the hour on the great cosmic clock.

It’s a new hour for some of us. Perhaps even dramatically so. Others will note that there’s a particular area of their life that needs more attention … because it’s time to do so. The clock is pointing towards the hour.

A couple of days ago, I briefly broke down what yesterday’s lunar eclipse will mean for each sign and rising sign. If you missed it, see below.

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