The Moon continues its journey through Scorpio, digging into deeper emotional themes. Although things may be on the quieter side today, it’s a great opportunity to meditate and gain insight from the unseen realms. Tomorrow the Moon moves to Sagittarius and it’s crunch time.

I’ve been talking a lot recently about Saturn at the final degree of Sagittarius, this last week that Saturn spends at 29 degrees before moving onto Capricorn. It makes for heavy or serious energy. We’re in review mode. We’re wrapping up the lessons of Sagittarius and preparing for Capricorn. We may be thinking of the past more as well as the choices we’ve made. I’ll go into this more tomorrow when we give Saturn in Sagittarius one last look.

As an aside, I would caution about making any big decisions or commitments right now. It’s been my past experience doing so, while Saturn is at 29 degrees, gives that decision unstable footing. Something will have to change when Saturn progresses into the new sign, especially a cardinal sign like Capricorn. Mercury is retrograde right now, too. Wait until next week to see where the dust settles before moving forward.

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Photo by Brandan Keller on Unsplash