The Moon winds its way through Libra, touching on themes of relationship and cooperation. With Venus in Sagittarius, this is a Moon that wants to wander and explore. It needs lots of space. We also need to review the beliefs we have about relationship and cooperation.

As I mentioned yesterday, there’s a lot of emphasis on the sign of Sagittarius right now. All signs can either show us their best or their worst; it’s the nature of living in a world of duality. The worst of Sagittarius is fundamentalism, a closed view on the world or on others, and a rigid sense of how things should be. The best of Sagittarius, however is a wonderful open energy, a recognition of ourselves in others. We’re curious about the world and about how others think. We travel and expand our horizons.

We live in a time when we have to make a critical choice. Do we stay open or closed? Do we see each other’s humanity or do we reject it? Something to mediate on as Saturn reaches its final days in Sagittarius, not to return to the sign for another 28 years.

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Photo by Pablo Heimplatz on Unsplash