Now that some of the more intense energy of Mars opposite Uranus has started to subside, we can turn our attention to the Taurus Moon and its penchant for sensuality and earthly pleasures. As we go into the weekend, we may feel a little over indulgent.

The Taurus Moon will also point us over to Sagittarius. After all, Venus, the ruling planet of Taurus, just arrived in Sagittarius. As a result, we may have an appetite for the exotic and foreign. Venus in Sagittarius has a bohemian side. It loves travel and exploration; it has a romance for distant lands and new ideas.

Venus’s natural glamor will also be turned up a bit as Jupiter has been making a trine to Neptune. Everything is alluring and magical when Venus picks up on the energy of Neptune. Love is healing and unconditional. Whatever we buy may not exactly be practical, but it will be beautiful.

The Gemini Full Moon on December 3, however, will bring us back to reality. With a heavy Saturn influence, we have to make sure our feet are on the ground this weekend, too. We can’t escape our commitments and responsibilities. If we do, it may come with a heavy price.

More on the full moon to come.

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Photo by LEMUR on Unsplash