One eclipse down, another to go. Life is a bit loud now that we’re in eclipse season. There may even be a few plot twists, too. But that’s what eclipses do; they push along the narrative of our life and in August we’re opening up a new chapter.

Yesterday’s lunar eclipse fell in the sign of Aquarius, touching on themes of community, friendships, and connection. Aquarius helps us see the big picture, giving us a new perspective. As a Saturn ruled air sign, however, it also speaks to negative mental patterns. Use this energy to break through any negative self talk or restrictive beliefs.

We’re also now in the space between two eclipses, an energetically potent vortex. Since eclipses are gateways, we’re also in between worlds, in between phases of life. This is a great time for personal reflection, meditation, and journaling. What new insights about yourself and your journey can you intuit at this time?

The next eclipse will be a solar eclipse at 28 Leo on August 21, seeding the coming six months with the energy of passion, creativity, identity, and really feeling the freedom to be ourselves.

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