Mercury turns retrograde tomorrow at 11 Virgo, drilling into the choices we’ve made and discernment needed to known right from wrong. With energy running high and fast, Mercury will help us take a step back, reflect, and be more thoughtful and conscientious.

Mercury will also oppose Neptune as it stations, bringing in a bit of a psychedelic, is-this-real-is-this-not-real vibe to things. Neptune will force us to look beyond the physical and into the spiritual. Sometimes the answers lie not in the things we can can discern through touch, but through our intuition. Neptune also reminds us that we are all connected; every human is part of a cell in the great organism of physical reality. How do our choices impact others? How do we open our hearts?

With the Sun and Mars revealing its aggressive side in the world right now, we could use Neptune’s sensitive touch.

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Photo by Mark Basarab on Unsplash