Coming on the heels of yesterday’s Saturn station, the Sun and Jupiter oppose each other today. Whatever our ambitions are, whatever we’re trying to build, we’re either seeing the fruits of our labor or the limits of how far we can take things.

The Sun and Jupiter have a tendency to either be magnanimous and larger than life or cocky and self assured. And certainly, Jupiter can be a bit outsized. It’s the planet of largess and a drive to expand beyond the world we know, the world that is familiar. To that point, I spoke last week on the function of Jupiter in astrology. If you’re new to the planets, or need a brush up, I suggest taking a second look.

Lastly, Mercury will station retrograde on Sunday, April 9 at 4 degrees Taurus. You know the drill. It’s a time to take a second look at our choices, to rethink, reevaluate. Mercury will turn direct on May 3.

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