The Sagittarius Moon lightens the mood a little, inspiring us to explore and dream of far off places, but we’re still surfing a serious vibe courtesy of Jupiter in Scorpio. The sky’s a little testy, too, so look out for philosophical debates and hot headed exchanges.

I wanted to make a point as to why we pay attention to some of the more difficult aspects in the sky. It’s not to be a victim of them or to be afraid, but to be aware and from that awareness comes new choices. The spirit of Empowering Astrology, whether I do a good job articulating this or not, is to create something higher from a lower energy. And what is a lower energy? Our suffering, our anger, and our lack of compassion. When I describe my work to others, I always say that it’s astrology + consciousness.

April’s astrology will have some bumpy patches. After all, it’s our quarterly check in with the revolutionary and evolutionary energies of Pluto and Uranus, two planets that have pushed us to transform in unprecedented ways over the last 7-10 years. Plus, we have Saturn really holding us to our word, our responsibilities all month long as well. But even as we navigate today’s prickly square off between Mercury and Mars, we can instead be in respect of the power of our thoughts, our voices and use this energy to create instead of destroy.

And, in honor of today’s Sagittarius Moon, be open to new perspectives and different wisdoms.

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Photo by Claudio Testa on Unsplash