We’re under the influence of a quick, restless Gemini Moon, just in time for Mercury’s rendezvous¬†with Uranus in Aries. Gemini is all about communication and, with the energy of the moon pointing to Aries, our words may confront, our ideas may shock or illuminate.

Uranus is the great awakener. It’s function in astrology is to shake our consciousness as well as our awareness of ourselves and the world. If you are a writer or a communicator, use this energy in its highest potential by transmitting new ideas that inspire. While Uranus is the archetype of the genius, it’s also the archetype of the disruptor. And sometimes Uranus inspires us to separate from people and situations.

Another thing to note is that Venus is back in Aries, a sign it entered back on February 3 before turning retrograde. In Aries, Venus takes on the role of Mars, which is to say the peacemaker becomes the warrior. And Venus, used to doing things as a pair, now has to go forth solo. This is great energy if you want to take individual action as Aries gives Venus courage. But it’s also a good sign for us to set good boundaries in relationships and stand up for ourselves.

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