Yesterday may have been the Taurus new moon and the start of the lunar month, but we’re on the threshold today. Venus, the ruling planet of the Taurus, is at the last degree of Pisces. Something has to end before we can begin something new.

Pisces is so interesting. It’s the final sign of the zodiac and contains within it the totally of all experience. Connected to the water element — the element of emotions, it’s not about feeling as much as it is the universal or collective emotional experience that we share. That’s why Pisces is so sensitive. It empathizes because it understands on a cellular and psychic level the suffering that unites us all as humans as well as the joy and beauty.

So, when we reach the last degree of Pisces, we’re at the end of a road and ready to transcend — or dissolve — into a new life, reborn again in Aries, the first sign of the zodiac. Venus at 29 Pisces is the sum total of all our relationships and everything we value. As the ruler of Taurus, a sign about matter and accumulation, Venus in Pisces is an offering to the divine. Whatever you learned while Venus was in retrograde from March 4 to April 15, 2017, offer it to the divine so it may be blessed for a new cycle.

Tomorrow Venus will arrive back in Aries, a sign that will bring a reset. Aries is admittedly not the most comfortable signs for Venus because it has to be more assertive and less accommodating. Venus in Aries will be a reminder that negotiation is all well and good, but sometimes we have to say no and fight for it.

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