Are we coming or going? With today’s dynamic Aries Moon picking up the energy of Mars’s commute through Gemini, we’re feeling restless and we want to get moving. But, hey, Mercury is retrograde; things may not be going according to plan. Try not to lose your cool.

We’re also a day and change shy of the Taurus New Moon, a time in the lunar calendar when we focus on the material world. Taurus is a sign that teaches us about resource, from the things we own and the money we make to the basic necessities of life. The coming lunar month will be a perfect time to check in with your relationship with the material world. What do you need in order to feel like the ground beneath your feet is solid? Will the seeds you plant in the coming days take root and flourish?

In the meantime, the last day of the lunar month is more about things going instead of coming. Don’t be afraid to release expectations, even when your patience is tested. Instead, use the day to contemplate what you want to create with Taurus’s energy of prosperity and abundance.

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