We had a powerful Libra Full Moon yesterday, one that put all of our relationships under a glaring spotlight. Did we like what we saw? If relationships are mirrors, where do we need to make a profound shift within ourselves?

It’s not just romantic relationships under scrutiny. Libra speaks to how we interact with everyone on a one-on-one, interpersonal level. Libra is how we compromise and smooth things over. Libra is how we make peace. Libra is how we make space for the needs of others.

I also realized a little too late that the full moon activated the planet Eris in Aries. Only discovered in 2005, Eris is a new addition to astrology. And when a new planet is discovered, it represents a new archetype or new consciousness that we’re ready to integrate on a personal and collective level. What I’ve been quietly been noticing is that Eris has a lot to do with disunity vs. unity, chaos vs. order, and anti-polarity energy. I think one of the themes woven in the Libra Full Moon is this story around harmony and balance — and the things we do, consciously or unconsciously, that put us out of balance.

Lastly, the Moon is in Scorpio today. Emotions may be running high in addition to the full moon. Don’t afraid to be vulnerable.

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