Of all the elements, it’s element earth that’s getting a lot of play right now. Earth invites us to ground, get nourished, and build something for ourselves. With Venus in Taurus harmonizing with Mars in Capricorn, we have an opportunity to find our real value, our real power.

I love Venus in Taurus. It’s sensual. It revels in the pleasures of life as well as the material world. Although we have our spiritual work cut out for us at times, we can’t forget that we’re living in a physical world. We have to have roots, we have to have resources, and we need to grow. Taurus, as the first of the earth signs, helps us find our material footing in the world as well as how to thrive. For that Taurus is food, money, and shelter.

It’s important to spend some time thinking about your relationship with element earth as we come up to Uranus’s arrival in Taurus on May 15. This is a big deal planetary switcheroo, one that will kick off a new seven year story. In short, Uranus will be shaking up our consciousness around food, money, shelter, fertility, and even our relationship with the planet. Uranus demands change as well as evolution. Uranus is the wakeup call.

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Photo by Demetrius Washington on Unsplash