The Sun makes contact to Pluto, putting light on our shadows. We all have spaces within us that we don’t want to acknowledge, facets of ourselves that sabotage or limit. This is a power day, a day to look at ourselves, even if it’s uncomfortable.

The beauty — and the pain — of Pluto is that it’s a planet that helps us transform by accessing the level of the soul. Pluto is the mirror to ourselves and our soul’s journey not just through this life but others. If you feel something stirring within you today — a deep emotion, a anxiety — what is it trying to tell you about yourself? If you have an interpersonal issue with a friend or a mate, how is it mirroring something in your unconscious? With recognition comes the possibility of transformation.

Note that this is, as we say in astrology speak, the opening square of the Sun to Pluto. Opening squares tend to bring a story or a sense of urgency to something, especially something that began with the Sun/Pluto conjunction on January 9.


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Photo by Ed Shelley on Unsplash