Between Mercury Retrograde, a powerful Libra full moon, and Venus Direct, we’ve got a lot of ground to cover this week. Major themes will include relationships, value, and communication. Be on your A Game because life will pull in different directions.

First, let’s give Mercury Retrograde its due diligence. We’re all going to be fine, okay? Mercury Retrograde happens three times a year. The world keeps spinning. Deep breath in … and out. Yes, Mercury Retrograde is a time when communication and travel tends to get a little wonky, so just be mindful of these areas. Be discerning of your choices, be careful how you use your words, look at your past experiences, and trace a new path over the coming weeks. (Check out my Mercury Retrograde survival guide.)

Which brings me to Venus. The planet of love and relationships has been retrograde since March 4. During this time we’ve had to take a deeper look at value, money, power dynamics, and how we connect with others. Retrogrades are merely times to integrate and reflect. The tide pulls in and out. Retrogrades are a yin phase, a time to reflect on the shadow. Venus Retrograde has put us through our paces and as it stations in Pisces on April 15, conjunct Chiron and square Saturn, we will have to face old pain around relationships and value and endeavor to move on to the next chapter of our lives.

Lastly, tomorrow’s Libra Full Moon will hit home on a lot of these deeper Venus Retrograde themes we’ve been sorting through over the last four weeks. Use the full moon to face or confront something you’ve been needing to confront. Use Saturn to set a boundary. Use Uranus to break from an old pattern. Use Pluto to leave something behind for good. Use Jupiter to have the faith that there is something better out there. More on this tomorrow.

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