I want to make a distinction between a passive and active relationship with astrology because I’ve seen this again and again with my clients and my Facebook community and it gets to the heart of what I do. Passive is when you give your power to astrology, this agent of fate that makes things happen in your life without much input from you. This stance negates the fact that you are creator in your life. There is this thought of, When is the Universe going to make this happen?

But you are the Universe.

Active is when you leverage a transit to get what you want, acknowledging that as a creator, you are co-creating with astrology and that you are consciously aligned with the cycles of the universe. This is the core ethic behind Empowering Astrology.

A recent Facebook comment asked about Jupiter in the 2nd, which is a great transit for money. If the dinero isn’t rolling in as you’d like, remember you are being given a great opportunity to increase (Jupiter) your income (2nd House). Any efforts you make will be aided by Jupiter, which is the planet you definitely want helping you out. This transit can last a few months to a year depending on how wide your house is and it’s an opportunity you won’t have for another twelve years. Make it work. If Uranus and Pluto are in the mix, you got to go the extra mile and push yourself outside of your comfort zone because Jupiter isn’t going to help you get some cash until you make some much needed changes.

Speaking of Uranus and Pluto, sometimes the transit highlights where we seemingly don’t have control. Pluto is like a force of demolition in our life depending on where its transiting. Outer planet transits, like Pluto, are inherently ego denying. So it may seem like we have no control over what’s happening, but actually we need to surrender the needs of the ego and let the higher needs of the soul come through. Pluto says, It may hurt, but trust me. You need this more than you think you do. And we can still co-create with that Pluto or Uranus or Neptune process of transformation. But, again, it means surrendering the ego at the door because a higher version of self is in the driver’s seat. Doesn’t mean you can’t ride shotgun and help out.

At the end of the day, it’s all about consciousness. Do you want evolution in your life to be a conscious or unconscious process? How can you actively use astrology to bring a level of consciousness to the events of your life both big and small? Something to meditate on today. This is one of the ways we can shift from 3rd to 5th dimensional thinking.